The Roof Center Honors Corley Roofing & Sheet Metal Company with the Beacon Lighthouse Award

Post date: May 21, 2016 4:51:52 PM

“We are honored to have received this recognition from The Roof Center,” said president John Corley. “We have worked closely with them, relying on the quality of their products and services for the success and growth of both our companies.”

About The Roof Center

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The Roof Center awarded Corley Roofing & Sheet Metal Company the 2015 Beacon Lighthouse Award for hard work, dedication, and commitment in the roofing industry. The award also acknowledges the importance of our partnership. What’s interesting about this award is that The Roof Center’s branch offices personally select the annual recipient based on several factors including customer service, industry expertise, sales volume, and sales mix. Several Roof Center staff provided reasons as to why Corley Roofing was recognized for this award:

The greatest thing I can say about Corley Roofing is that they treat you like family. Whether you are an employee, vendor, or customer that is the experience you receive. In this day in age where it's hard to even talk to a real person, they provide that experience. It has been my pleasure to call on them for the last three years.

~Scott Harsha, Territory Manager

Corley Roofing has been one of my favorite accounts to interact with for the last 15 years. John, Rick and the entire team at Corley Roofing are a pleasure to deal with on a business and personal level. They are honest and straightforward which makes them a great business partner for The Roof Center.

~Jimmy Thompson, Regional Manager

Corley Roofing is a great customer that I have had a close connection with since 1986 as they were one of my first customers I called on as Outside Sales person. Rick and John have been like family as we have built a relationship over the past 30 years that really helped me understand the business. They run a very respectable business and most important pay their bills on time every month.

~Dan Worley, Regional Vice President